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How a typical Stonebond surface is installed

Here is a brief guide explaining the typical process of how our Stonebond resin bound surfaces are installed, and detailing each stage of the work.

It must be noted that not all jobs are identical and the process will vary slightly between each driveway, patio and pathway.

1. Preparation

The existing driveway surface is prepared. Any loose slabs are remedied (if / or as necessary) and the old unsightly cast iron man hole is replaced with a new recessed man hole cover. Blocks are inset at the front of the drive in preparation for laying the Stonebond work.

Once this initial stage of setting out has been completed the job is then left anything between 2-6 weeks to allow drying out of any concrete work to the blocks and man holes (this varies to different times of the year and weather). The existing driveway is left in fully useable order during this time.

Upon the start of the Stonebond laying works: the ground is fully prepared, cleaned, (and in winter months) morning mist dampness is dried out using gas burners.

Foam shuttering is installed prior to the process of laying the Stonebond borders (and patterns if specified), ensuring and maintaining a tidy straight edge.

2. Borders & Patterns

Stonebond borders and patterns (double interlocking diamonds) are installed within the shuttering.

3. Main Stonebond Infill

Upon drying out (drying times are usually around 4 hours so in most cases we return to the work the following day) the foam shuttering around the borders & patterns is removed. The red & golden pea mix stonebond infill is now laid. Dry silica surface sand is lightly sprinkled throughout the laying process to maintain a safe anti slip finish.

The Stonebond resin bound surface is laid at a minimum thickness of approx 18mm, increasing as necessary to compensate for any dips and bumps on the base surface. The trowelling ensures a nice smooth and shiny finish.

A large amount of skill is required to lay the stonebond. Our operatives all have many years experience and take a great deal of pride in their work.

4. Work is Completed

Stonebond work to the driveway is completed. The newly laid surface may be walked over after 4hours, a car may be driven over or parked on after 24hours.

If you have any questions about the exact process involved with your own work, please feel free to contact us and our surveyor would be happy to explain in greater detail as required.